One of the key concerns for users of Cloud Technology is the security of their files and data. Simply Mail Solutions has announced the latest in its continuing network upgrades. Utilising the latest in adaptive security appliances, network performance is enhanced as well as providing best of breed reliability, resilience and security.

Commented Keith Pritchard, CTO of SMS:

“Security and resilience have always been at the heart of our network design. The extensive deployment of CISCO ASA technology throughout our network has further enhanced our network security whilst bringing a new level of automatic ‘no impact’ self-healing network capability to our core infrastructure.”

Pritchard added:

“The ability for key components of our network to be able to failover to other units automatically and without any loss of service is key to being able to offer industry leading levels of service and reliability.”

Commented Colin Smith, CEO of SMS:

“The ASA deployment is part of our continuous network upgrades and will allow much more scalable use of client to SMS Virtual Private Network (VPN) connectivity. This in turn allows SMS to offer tailored solutions to customers who want to maintain their own on-site Active Directory servers but still take advantage of the latest Hosted Exchange 2010, Sharepoint and CRM solutions.”

SMS currently serves not just the UK market but customers in over 30 countries. The SMS core network is diversely routed and multi homed using a variety of Tier 1 network peerings to ensure fast and reliable network service to customers all over the world.