Businesses of all sizes are actively looking into cloud storage and online collaboration to improve how the organisation operates, reduce infrastructure costs and increase efficiency. A recent article by Bart Copeland (over at Gigaom) explores several common pitfalls of cloud deployment for enterprise, and how to avoid them.

One of the points raised by the article is whether to go for a private (in-house) cloud solution or whether to use a public (outsource) cloud provider. Here at Simply Mail Solutions we provide platforms that mix the best of the private cloud (dedicated resources, full control of deployment) and public cloud (no up-front infrastructure and licencing costs, 24 / 7 dedicated support) with flexible solutions that grow with your requirements.

For smaller organisations, our standard SharePoint platform provides the resources you need to create a shared cloud document storage and collaboration workspace. Standard SharePoint offering combines world-class infrastructure with the cost-benefits of a shared platform.

For businesses who need a fully dedicated resource, SharePoint can be added to our Managed Exchange Servers. This provides a dedicated server resource that meets your exact specifications without the cost of building an in-house server and on-going maintenance and running costs.

You can read the full Gigaom article online.