Mac mail vs Outlook Mac

Organisation– Discover the superior benefits of Outlook, a platform that offers ultimate organisation, enhanced security measures, and unmatched stability.

Flexibility– Limitations of Apple Mail: macOS or iOS Required. In order to utilise Apple Mail, you must have a device running on macOS or iOS. Unfortunately, this means surrendering the freedom and flexibility that comes with being able to work from various devices, unlike Outlook on Mac.

Collaboration– Did you know that Outlook allows third-party add-ons, unlike Apple Mail? This means you can install a great spell-checking app like Grammarly to help support your writing needs on Outlook. Don’t settle for mediocre writing – enhance your communication with this simple tool.

Benefits of Using Outlook on Mac

IntegrationIf you want to maximize your productivity and never miss an appointment again, then the answer is straightforward: use Outlook. This amazing tool offers so much more than just email services; its intuitive inbuilt calendar feature displayed in a convenient column layout view lets you keep track of all your arrangements with easeSharing your schedule has also never been easier – collaborate seamlessly with other Outlook users by easily sharing your calendar and sending or receiving meeting invitations.

Microsoft optimizes Outlook for M1 and M2 Macs, teases menu bar 'peek' feature | Macworld

This means that even when working as part of team spread across different locations, everyone can stay updated on each other’s schedules. Thanks to Microsoft Teams integration, the sidebar calendar shows all upcoming events at a single glance – from virtual meetings scheduled through Microsoft Teams to tasks assigned via Planner. You’ll have everything available right there without switching elsewhere constantly. The authors’ design based on Utterback and Abernathy’s innovation model emphasizes how vital it is for people who work remotely or are often swamped under heavy workload manage their time effectively while being coordinated within teams effortlessly using efficient tech tools such as this one provided by 365 platformDon’t let anything fall through the gaps anymore- get yourself armed with this fantastic toolkit!

SecurityIf you are concerned about the security of your Outlook account, rest assured that Microsoft has got you covered with its Multi-factor authentication feature. By adding an extra layer of protection to your login process, Multi-factor authentication ensures that even if someone manages to guess or steal your password, they still can’t log in without second form of verification. This way, Outlook prevents unauthorised access and maintains data privacy as well as integrity.
Increasing your account security with MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) (for users) - Cloudrun
In addition to stopping malicious links and attachments from reaching your inbox, Advanced Threat Protection expands on its friendly nature by creating a virtual environment for opening these attachments and links. This safeguard keeps your personal environment separate from the potentially harmful elements while also thoroughly checking for any signs of suspicious activity before allowing the email into your inbox.
Customisation– One of the ways to make Outlook more friendly and personalised is to customise its look and feel with themes. By applying different themes, users can add some personality or a touch of creativity in their email interface. This feature allows for distinct differentiation from other standard email platforms. 

Notification– Are you tired of missing important emails and appointments while on-the-go? With the latest update to Microsoft Outlook, you can now sync your notifications across multiple devices with just a few simple clicks. By selecting the bell icon located in the top righthand corner of your screen, all your notifications will be seamlessly linked up to your Apple device. This revolutionary feature not only saves time but also increases productivity by ensuring that you are always informed about any updates or changes regarding upcoming events, meetings or deadlines. Say goodbye to missed opportunities and hello to staying connected even when away from your desk! Don’t let inefficient communication hold back progress. 

Microsoft Word for Mac

Inserting screenshots– With the help of Outlook on Mac inserting screenshots in a document has become an effortless task. To make use of this convenient feature on your Mac computer, you can follow these steps: Firstly, navigate to the “Insert” menu ribbon and click on the “Screenshots” option. By doing so, all open applications will display as clickable screenshot options for easy insertion into your document.

How to Use the Microsoft Word Screenshot Tool


Moreover, besides choosing from existing screenshots using this method; alternatively, if you want customised screen clippings instead then choose ”screen clippings”. This way allows you to select specific areas that are relevant to include and add them easily into your presentation or report without taking extra time capturing unnecessary data thus avoiding any confusion while focusing only on what is essential/important.

Drawing on Documents- If you are searching for a reliable tool to take notes or make sketches on your Mac, there is no need to look any further. The “Draw menu in the ribbon provides an excellent feature that allows you to draw with various pens and colors instantlyAdditionallyif you prefer the convenience of using your fingers instead of a keyboard or pen tablet, feel free to enable Draw with Trackpad” and let Mac’s trackpad serve as your drawing pad. By taking advantage of these simple yet powerful features offered by macOS, quickly jotting down ideas during work meetings or creating beautiful designs effortlessly becomes an absolute breeze!

CV assistant- Apple’s word processing software, includes a standout feature that can greatly benefit job seekers: the “resume assistant,” which is powered by LinkedIn. By accessing this tool through the “Review > Resume Assistant” menu and logging in with your LinkedIn credentialsyou open yourself up to powerful CV suggestions tailored specifically to your profile. This feature alone could give you a competitive edge in today’s job market – don’t miss out on its potential!

Insiders: Resume Assistant now available to Insiders Fast in Mac Word - Microsoft Community
Read Aloud- The Read Aloud feature is an incredibly useful tool that can significantly enhance your productivity and efficiency when working with documents. It allows you to proofread your work with ease, without having to go through the tedious task of reading it yourself word by wordYou can easily access this feature by going to the “Review” menu from the ribbon and clicking on the “Read Aloud” icon. Once activated, a small audio controller will appear allowing you to play or pause playback at any time during the reading of your documentBut that’s not all! The beauty of this feature is that you also have control over aspects such as playback speed and voice selection, enabling customization according to personal preference! By providing an additional level of usability for those who may otherwise struggle in reviewing their documentation themselves, utilising Read Aloud boosts both accuracy while simultaneously saving valuable time; ultimately yielding better overall results. It goes without saying how indispensable this tool would be especially for people like writers or students whose workload are consistently bombarded with lots of pages!
Built in translator- The last tip for Word for Mac is to use the in-built translator. When you want to translate the document or want to find the meaning of a word in different languages then this option will be useful. Go to “Tools” menu in top bar and select “Translate” option. Once opened you can choose the language that you require for your document.

Tips for Microsoft users on Mac

Apple CarPlay support- The rise of hybrid work means that many more of us will be back in our cars commuting again. With Apple CarPlay support for Teams now generally available, you can join calls and meetings using your vehicle’s built-in controls or hands-free using Siri.
Keyboard shortcuts- Many of the keyboard shortcuts you may be used to on a Windows computer still work on Mac, but instead of using the Ctrl button, you use the Command button on your keyboard. For example, to select all, you’ll hold down Command+A on a Mac. When switching devices, you can use many of the same shortcuts using the Command key.

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