Research firm IDC are predicting iPhones are becoming more popular in the enterprise space, with large businesses buying the Apple handset ‘in droves’, according to ZDNET.

The IDC report makes a distinction between employee-led IT purchases (or Bring Your Own Device) and mobile devices bought by the company for employee use. In both cases iPhones and Android are leading the pack, however IDC predict that by 2016 Android devices will be left behind due to security concerns over its fragmented architecture, leaving the iPhone in top spot with 78.6 million shipments to the enterprise space.

iPhone and enterprise

Security is highlighted as the main factor in enterprise IT departments choosing iPhones. The locked-down nature of the iOS platform, easy app deployment and remote management tools, make the device an attractive choice for corporations. The way iOS (along with Android, Windows Mobile, and other platforms) can access Microsoft Exchange is also an important consideration.

Thanks to ActiveSync email, calendars, contacts and reminders can be kept in full sync across all devices. All data is secure and should an employee lose their phone, remote wiping ensures valuable corporate information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.