Simply Mail Solutions’ web hosting and VPS services provide a complete hosting environment for your website.

What some users don’t realise is that our hosting services also include many tools to build complete online solutions, not just for designing websites but also complete e-commerce services, or advanced business functions.

These extra services are available through ‘one-click install’ in the Plesk control panel, making them simple to set-up. Additionally, many are free of charge so you can use then to build and enhance your online infrastructure without worrying over cost.

Web Design and Management

Creating and maintaining professional looking websites is key for businesses. For most companies the website acts as a ‘shop window’ to attract new customers, so it’s important visitors leave with a good impression of your organisation.

Often, SMEs turn to CMS tools, such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal and all three of these main players can be installed on our web hosting services in under 5 minutes.

With a CMS you can easily create and maintain a full website. Updating when required and using a wide range of templates to create the right look. For customers who don’t want a complete CMS to control their website, there are many useful tools available, including software to assist with:

  • Customer forums
  • Image galleries
  • Shopping carts
  • Analytics and SEO

These tools make it easier for you, and your designer, to create professional websites with advanced features.


If you sell goods direct from your website, then our web hosting includes a complete e-commerce solution, called Magento. This includes many advanced features for:

  • Creating an online store
  • Managing products inventory
  • Building a customer database
  • Marketing to customers
  • Sales and activity reporting
  • Handling transactions and invoices

Magento is the only tool you need to run a successful online store. The free Community Edition is fully functional, whilst the paid-for version, available direct from Magento, includes extra support.

Intranets and Knowledge Bases

Intranets and Knowledge Bases are great ways of sharing information internally (for Intranets) or proving a searchable archive of posts for customers (Knowledge Bases).

Tools for creating both are readily available through our web hosting services, including Wiki builders and online apps specifically for creating Knowledge Base portals.

Build your online business

Our web hosting and VPS services are not just for basic websites. By exploring the software available in the Plesk control panel, you are able to build a professional online services, e-commerce solutions and enhance your website in new ways.

All our web hosting packages include access to this extra software, so why not explore the available apps and grow your online presence.