Windows Phone 8 includes the latest Internet Explorer 10, and Microsoft have published a new blog post going over some of the new features users can expect to see.

A solid design

IE 10 for Windows Phone 8 is built on the Windows Phone 7.5 design credentials, in terms of user-interaction, but uses the same powerful rendering engine as the desktop version.

More ways to share

Sharing online content is now even easier. Including sending content to a TV (with an XBOX attached) and NFC support through Tap+Send.

Data conservation and backup

Data Sense helps reduce data consumption, helping keep mobile network usage costs reigned in. IE favourites and settings are backed up using your Microsoft Account credentials.

Safety and privacy improvements

SmartScreen Filter protects against phishing sites using a real-time index of blacklisted sites. IE 10 also offers Do Not Track, which websites can support and not track individual users.