In a new article (pdf link) Paul Robichaux discusses how to migrate business email to Microsoft Exchange 2010 from an earlier version. The article discusses all the major considerations for email migration, including:

  • Server Hardware and Software.
  • Storage Design.
  • Mailbox Servers.
  • Client Access.
  • Transport.
  • Message Hygiene.
  • Compliance and Retention

Migrating your business email doesn’t have to be difficult and careful planning can make for a smooth transition. If you’re looking to upgrade your Exchange mailboxes then moving to our hosted Exchange platform provides access to the latest Microsoft Exchange features and helps IT departments control costs.

Free business email migration service

If your business has more than 20 mailboxes to migrate to Microsoft Exchange, we provide a free email migration service. Our UK Support team will handle the transfer of mailboxes to a new hosted Exchange account with Simply Mail Solutions without disrupting your email service.