In this instalment of Meet the Teams, we’ll learn more about Keith Pritchard’s role, background, and interests!

What is your role at SMS? –


What’s your background?/education/past jobs?


When did you join the SMS team?/the journey of getting SMS to where they are now? 


What do you enjoy about the work you do? 


Why should a potential customer choose SMS?/what sets us apart from the rest? 


Given the rise of hybrid working and the fact that you operate a company with some people working from home, what solutions can you recommend to someone seeking a solution for hybrid working?


What do you enjoy doing when you are not working? Any hobbies? –


just like martin, we know you’re into Apple, so what is your favourite Apple product and what would you like to see them announce next?


What fictional place would you like to visit? 


The zombie apocalypse is coming, who are the 3 people you want on your team and why? (you can use celebs, family or members of the SMS team etc



What are the three items you’d take with you to a deserted island?