Today’s instalment of meet the teams is our Sales Manager John Aloro – let’s find out more about him, his role, background, and interests!

So John, what is your role at SMS?

Sales Manager and Head of Digital Inside Sales (DIST)

What’s your background?

My professional roles mainly consist of an IT background in analytics, CRM, and Sales. I was educated in Digital Animation, Art and Design.

When did you join the SMS team?

I started on the 22nd of August this year and I came to SMS to join a company that were evolving as a Microsoft CSP and where new creative ideas will be welcomed onboard.

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

I have a dedicated sales team that I manage, and I enjoy developing them in striving to become the best at what we do.

Why should a potential customer choose SMS?

We are transitioning to become a more solution orientated organisation which means we are now considered an asset for all our clients. It’s not just about the sale for us, we want to measure the success of any product that is purchased from us and understand and support with adoption strategies so we may help others in the same way.

Which of the many solutions that we offer is one of your personal favourites to use, and why?

I love D365 mainly for the fact I have worked with it for so long and supported companies regarding the utilisation of it. So, I was able to really understand its benefits relating to customer engagement, workload capabilities, and advanced features.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working? Any hobbies?

I love Football and I am a mad Arsenal fan, so I spend time watching them play, especially now they are winning. I also meet up with friends and play 7 aside once a week which keeps me fit and active.

Another big part of me is my family they are the main reason I get up for work 5 days a week, so on the weekends, I do enjoy spending time with them whether it’s going to the cinema with my children or taking my wife out for a meal.

If you had to delete all your apps on your phone bar three, which three would you keep?

  1. Parent Mail
  2. WhatsApp
  3. SkyGo

What are the three items you would take with you to a deserted island?

  1. Fishing net to catch food to eat
  2. Water bottle
  3. And mobile phone so I could call and get help to get off the island!