Microsoft Project Online includes everything you need to keep your organisation’s projects, people, and resources running smoothly. 

How can Microsoft Project Online help my business? 

  • Avoid delays and keep your projects on track 
  • Improve decision making as information is displayed in a simple and clear format 
  • Deliver better collaboration  
  • Make sure resources are being used to their best abilities and save your business time and money 

What are the different versions of Microsoft Project Online? 

  • SMS offer a number of different options to suit your business needs including ; 
  • Essentials (Microsoft Project Online)— Extra user licence add-on for customers already using Project Online Professional or Project Online Premium 
  • Professional (Microsoft Project Online)— Cloud-based project management with Windows app and web browser access 
  • Premium (Microsoft Project Online) — The complete project management solution with pre-built reports 

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