The way that our businesses and employees operate is changing. To compliment these changes, Microsoft have created applications which will transform collaboration, safeguard business data and streamline businesses.  

Microsoft Teams, one of the main pillars of Microsoft 365, combines chat, video meetings and calls into one app. Therefore, it is no surprise that Microsoft recently announced that around 13 million people now use Teams on a daily basis, powering teamwork and collaboration across all small and large business enterprises.

To ensure that Teams works for all industry sectors, Microsoft announced four new features to improve business communication.

  1. Prioritise time sensitive communication – Two new features have been added to ensure that all important message reach the intended recipient. Firstly a recurring notification will be sent to recipients until they have responded and secondly a read receipt to tell the sender that a message has been read.
  2. Manage communications in Teams – Includes announcements to highlight relevant news or updates, cross channel posting so users can post the same message across multiple communications and channel modernisation which allows the owner to control what gets posted in a particular channel.
  3. Schedule manager – A feature that allows employees to work out shifts and breaks via the mobile app.
  4. Easily manage the Teams client and policies for those within your organisation – Allows IT admins to pre-define a set of policies.

All of these developments will be rolling out to businesses using teams over the next few months.

Microsoft Teams is continuously evolving to fit and work with all industry sectors. 

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