In this article we are going to deep dive into the new updated Microsoft Teams app, designed to enhance collaboration and communication in organisations worldwide. Microsofts vision has been to unite the workforce with a single hub. After an exciting period of development and testing, they are set to bring this new experience to all Microsoft Teams users.

Introducing the Redesigned Microsoft Teams App

The new Microsoft Teams app is packed with features that ensure a seamless experience for users across various devices. The redesigned interface is more user-friendly, making it easy for organisations to embrace the power of Teams. Here’s a rundown of the enhancements to the app:

  1. Streamlined Navigation: With the new navigation system, key features are placed at the forefront, enabling swift access to your team’s channels, chat, meetings, and more.
  2. Enhanced User Experience: The new Teams app comes with numerous usability improvements, including the ability to bring your favourite apps right into Teams, better-org channel pinning, and easier file sharing, among other enhancements.
  3. Optimised Device Support: The latest iteration of the Teams app ensures an optimised experience, regardless of the device you’re on or your preferred operating system.
  4. Security and Compliance: As always, we take user privacy and security seriously. Our new app architecture ensures that your data is secure, meeting all compliance and regulatory requirements.

Mac vs Windows new user experience 

Teams works natively on Mac, giving Mac users an improved app experience. Mac users will now experience a boost in performance due to more efficient use of device resources and an optimised Teams experience even when using multiple high-resolution monitors during calls or meetings. Some of the new security enhancements on Mac are improved app security through a containerised app model, simplified app updates via Microsoft AutoUpdate, and web security enhancements such as Content Security Policy, Trusted Types and more. 

Get Started with the New Microsoft Teams App

With the general availability of the new Microsoft Teams app, it’s easier than ever to harness the full potential of Teams. To get started, simply visit the Our webpage on Microsoft Teams.

Why not check out this Microsoft Teams documentation hub that is filled with guides and resources to help you make the most of Microsoft Teams. Plus, you can connect with us via our support email or give us a call on: 01925 818448 to address any questions or concerns you may have.

We’re confident that organisations of all sizes can benefit from the innovative features provided by the new Microsoft Teams app. So, dive in and experience a new level of productivity with the enhanced Microsoft Teams app. If you’re already a Microsoft Teams user, we’re eager to hear about your favourite new features and improvements!

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