What is Microsoft Intune? And how can it help you secure your business data?

More and more employees are required to work remotely, meaning your company’s sensitive data goes where your employees do. (worrying thought right?)

With multiple devices, and personal devices being used there is an ever-growing risk of data leakage.

Business that work remotely require a solution to better manage devices.

Enterprise Mobility Suite and Office 365 work together (Microsoft Intune), so that you can easily protect corporate apps, data and give employees access to their work anywhere, anytime, without affecting productivity.

Need a higher level of security to protect your business data?

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM+S) keeps your valuable business information safe in the real-world:

  • Flexible — Works with company devices, employee devices, and external devices, including iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS.
  • Granular — Define bespoke policies to control access to information to just those who need it
  • Efficient — Free up your IT team to work on other business needs

Protecting your Office 365 mobile environment

Opening BYOD policies and mobile working practices brings risks for any organisation. Protect your wider Office 365 environment from any unforeseen dangers.

  • Enforce encryption for managed local app storage
  • Allow copy and paste only between managed apps
  • Restrict document saving to only secure locations
  • Remove corporate data from a mobile without affecting personal data


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