All businesses from new start-ups, to established organisations can now register a new .uk domain to align with that of their .com or variants to safeguard their businesses identity. Any,,,,, and domain owners may find that an equivalent .uk domain has already been reserved for a limited time.    

To prevent any instances of ‘domain squatting’, and to protect your organisations brand presence and identity, SMS highly recommend that your business purchases its .uk domain. Any new TLD you purchase for your business domain can be re-pointed to an existing mailbox, so you can keep all of your business conversations in one place.  

Why do I need to register a .uk domain?  

  • If you do not have the .uk variant of your current website domain, it becomes public for anyone to register, leaving your company’s reputation exposed   
  • The .uk TLD represents a trusted, local and shorter domain for all businesses  
  • Websites can be easily spoofed and confuse your online customers, by registering your .uk domain, you will secure your website traffic and safeguard customers who purchase with you online  


To order a .uk domain, please click here and complete the order form.   

If you have any questions, one of our friendly advisers will be able to help. 

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