Office 365 Training Videos

If you have purchased Microsoft Office 365 recently but feel like you aren’t utilising it to its full potential, or you’re considering Office 365 but would like to see how it works in more detail before making a commitment, then read on.

Microsoft has recently released video based tutorials to help businesses increase their productivity and get the most from using Office 365. The training is scenario-based and attempts to replicate real-life usage scenarios, helping put some of Microsoft Office 365’s functionality into context.

They are based on the below 5 core themes:

  • Get it done from anywhere
  • Content collaboration
  • Run more effective meetings
  • Email & calendar on the go
  • Work like a network

The videos teach useful skills such as saving files in the cloud, using Office 365 to work together as a team to share files and co-edit documents, using Skype for Business to meet online and work together, and much more.

To access the courses click this link.

You can also find other useful information on the main Office 365 Business training page.