What is the tree planting project?

At SMS we are embarking on a new and exciting journey to make an environmental impact and help conserve our planet’s future! Every customer who joins us will kickstart the movement by having a tree planted in their honour! Together, with Eden’s Reforestation Project in Nepal, we can take action for our planet through CO2 offsetting and help bring life back into Nepal’s forests.

What is the Eden Reforestation Project?

The Eden Project has been leading the way in Nepal since 2015, with a focused mission to restore and protect areas of critical importance. Through creating strategic partnerships with Chitwan National Park – a World Heritage Site – they are proactively doing their part in protecting precious animal habitats by reforesting and buffering vulnerable land. With dedicated effort from all parties involved, this project can help empower local livelihoods for years to come!

Why reforest in Nepal?

In Nepal, the rapidly diminishing natural environment is a sobering reality. With over 70% of their original forests gone and reduced resources for local communities, this growing crisis has already left devastating impacts on both people and wildlife alike. If nothing changes soon, these effects could be catastrophic to everyone living in Nepal – driven by human consumption beyond capacity levels that nature can support.

How can you help?

Are you looking to go the extra mile in your commitment to the environment? Discover how you can further support the Eden Reforestation Project in Nepal, as well as other locations, and help make a positive impact for the future. Click below now for all the necessary details on this exciting journey towards conservation!

For more information on our Tree Planting Promise: https://smsbusinesscloud.com/resources/green-promise/

The Eden Reforestation Project (Nepal) : https://www.edenprojects.org/our-work/nepal