Mac users are benefiting from Microsoft’s commitment to continuously improve Office 365 software with a new update for Outlook 2016 for Mac. The new update focuses on messaging editing, and lays the groundwork for a future update which will include fuller table support.

The headline features in the Outlook 2016 update are:

Image resizing and formatting

Better image editing choices are available in the new message window. Pictures can be resized or rotated directly in the window, with further options available from a context menu; including setting text wrapping, page position, and height and width.

Rich text formatting

How text is displayed is enhanced in the new Outlook for Mac. Users can choose from a wider selection of fonts, along with more options for bullets and numbered lists. Dialog boxes for font editing and hyperlinks are also improved.

The new Outlook editor features are rolling out to Office users now. Customers will automatically be notified when the software is available to download.