Microsoft have announced that the Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard (SBS) will be the last version of the product they release. SBS allowed SMEs to run their own local server for up to 75 users, including full Exchange functionality.

Replacing Microsoft Small Business Server


The replacement product, Windows Server 2012 Essentials, limits a local server to 25 users. This will leave many businesses needing to find an alternative for their email, documents and calendars set-up.

Rather than search for another in-house solution, with its associated hardware and support costs, choosing a hosted Exchange package can deliver the solution you need and provide long-term savings.

Using a hosted platforms means you don’t have to worry about an in-house server (maintenance, backups, etc.), can provide additional services, (mobile access, Blackberry support, OWA, etc.) and have the backing of our UK-based 24 x7 support team.

On the document side, Microsoft SharePoint provides a central place to share documents with teams in and out of the office. Setting up a Workspace allows documents to be viewed via any modern web browser, and Office documents can be edited using local copies of Microsoft Office.

Microsoft SharePoint is available as an add-on with our hosted Exchange packages. Call +44 01925 696185 to find out more.