The overall IT market is a tough sector at the moment. Budgets are tight and purchasing decisions are being reigned in, with the final ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ coming from further up the command chain than in the past.

Over at Channel Register, Tim Ayling offers some sage advice to IT resellers on how best to proceed with potential clients and, crucially, who to speak to.

Tim’s advice? Move the main conversation from the IT manager to Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Choose your CIO, do your research and then target them with marketing relevant to their particular interests in order to stand out and get their attention. C-level execs don’t have much time on their hands so it pays to be well prepared, build a compelling case and be innovative.

Part of Tim’s advice is to focus on overall cost rather than trying to be the lowest cost.

For example, if a product costs 10 per cent more than its nearest competitor but is able to save more than that by consolidating several existing products into one, then it has a strong chance of gaining favour.

Simply Mail Solutions provide a wide range of online services, all of which are available as part of our Reseller Programme. Having the flexibility to integrate many services together helps our resellers to offer a package that is more attractive to CIOs and allows the end user to consolidate their services and reduce total cost of ownership.