Simply Mail Solutions, the leading email hosting company, has announced that it is upgrading from MS Exchange Server 2003 to MS Exchange Server 2007.

Commented Keith Pritchard (Technical Director)

“For us, it was a logical step to go as the technical changes for MS Exchange 2007 are considerable. Following our mission we need to keep up with the latest technology and so we decided to switch our servers to MS Exchange 2007.This also ensures that our customers can profit from all services and features that MS Exchange 2007 mailboxes have to offer.
“We have put a major amount of effort into making the change over as smooth and trouble free as possible and not rushed this upgrade onto the market.”

Changes in Outlook 2007 might not be considerable but customers can now benefit from an extremely improved web interface when they are on the go. Regional settings can be adjusted easily and customers that were annoyed by a poor out-of-office agent will be delighted to see the improved version. In addition, Windows Mobile 6 can now use html when connected to a MS Exchange 2007 mailbox which is part of SMS’ product range. SMS’ SharePoint customers will also gain from the new version as their users on the move can access documents on the shared server via the web interface of MS Exchange 2007.

Users also get extra control of their Windows Mobile devices and for example can cancel the use of a mobile if it is stolen or goes missing therefore reducing the risk of unauthorised access to their network and data.

New users are immediately installed on the Exchange 2007 platform whilst existing users will be migrated in due course. Because SMS uses Virtual Server technology it does not have a major issue with implementing and reconfiguring server hardware for this upgrade and can respond flexibly as users migrate. Capacity released by the migration can easily and transparently be redeployed.