Simply Mail Solutions (SMS) the UK based Email Hosting Company has announced the launch of a new Partner program. It is aimed at the many IT resellers, dealers and consultancies that buy in services on behalf of their clients. As email services get more sophisticated and more business critical the demands on resellers are becoming greater if they are to develop and retain their own user bases.

In the past companies have resorted to running their own mail servers very often with the help of a third party. This was feasible for the majority up until a few years ago. However two things have happened that make this no longer feasible – the use of enhanced email programs such as Microsoft Exchange and the increasing use of mobile devices to access email.

Microsoft Exchange requires a whole extra level of expertise to set up properly and remote access means that companies no longer want to run the mail server on their local network but place it directly on the Internet rather than at the end of a single leased line or SDSL line. By working with a SMS both these problems are solved for the reseller.

A unique feature of the SMS reseller scheme is its simplicity and ease of joining. Attractive discounts apply even at initial smaller levels of business.

+ Commission Program. Commission resellers can sell all of SMS products for generous commissions – a percentage of the first year’s revenues.

+ Discount Program. The SMS offer for hosting resellers. No start-up fees or minimum sales – just profits from day one, with generous discounts.

+ Package Program. For Whiteboard resellers. This program costs nothing to join and has no minimums – the reseller set the prices for its own customers, so can define its own profits.

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