KeyEncrypt Service

SMS are excited to announce the arrival of a new service: KeyEncrypt. In a world where email confidentiality is becoming a hot topic, KeyEncrypt enables users to send secure email that is fully encrypted, ensuring confidential information is kept safe without added layers of complex infrastructure. The service is based on Cirius patented technology.

The service is easily integrated with Office 365 and Outlook, amongst other platforms, and has 3 core features:

  • Email Encryption
  • Email Tracking
  • Email File Transfers


Being able to protect confidential customer, employee, or company sensitive information is becoming ever more critical. Attacks are becoming more advance and it is important to safeguard communications. KeyEncrypt uses a cloud based email encryption method which ensures that messages are sent and delivered securely, without the need for complex systems. Traditional encryption methods have been complex and have hindered uptake. However, KeyEncrypt’s set-up and user interface is simple, so everyone can understand and use the secure messaging platform.

Once more, the system also enables users to revoke emails that could be sent in error (e.g. the Bank of England’s famous error) preventing data leak; and also includes a data loss prevention (DLP) system which scans emails and warns users of potential threats based on centralised security policies.


With KeyEncrypt, users can track who has received, read, replied, forwarded, deleted or printed their email. All this happens in real-time, so users can instantly see the status of their email. This feature is particularly useful when ensuring that employees have received and read a particularly important company update, or ensuring that members of a particular project group have printed the agenda before attending a meeting.

Once more, users can control whether emails can be forwarded or replied to once received, which can be useful for group informational emails (e.g. a HR policy update which doesn’t warrant a reply). Users can also apply password protection for sensitive emails to ensure only the recipient reads the email.

File Transfers

Finally, the service allows users to send large files (up to 5GB) directly via secure email. No longer do users have to use third party applications (which can raise questions about security) because their email server doesn’t allow large file sending. With the click of a button directly from their email program, users upload a file which is sent safely to the end user in the encrypted message.

These features make KeyEncrypt more than just an email encryption service, instead becoming a full solution for secure email messaging. If you’re interested in finding out more, please visit the product page link above for more information, or call our sales team on 01925 696185