A nice infographic from CloudTweaks shows how storage has changed over time.

From oral storytelling, through written parchments, the printed word, and now computer storage, our ability to record information keeps on growing. These days the falling price of disk space, along with almost unlimited cloud potential, has made recording data cheaper and faster than ever.

The amount of data we now store is difficult to comprehend. A ZDNET article from last year stated that every minute we store:

  • 204,000,000 Email messages.
  • 2,000,000 Google searches.
  • 48 Hours of new video.

And our need to store more and more data is only going to grow. So where will we put all this information?

Increasing hard disk size is part of the solution, however cloud storage services are also important. Storing important photos, documents and other data in one location is risky. Hard disks fail, computers get stolen and backups on recordable media go missing. Mixing the cloud in with standard storage options gives you an extra layer of reliability, back-up and security.