What is the SMS tree planting promise?

At SMS, we are thrilled to announce a new and exhilarating initiative aimed at making a significant environmental impact and contributing towards the conservation of our planet’s future. As part of this unique program, every customer who joins us will play an active role in kickstarting this movement by having a tree planted on their behalf.

We have taken concrete steps towards combating climate change through CO2 offsetting while simultaneously rejuvenating the lush forests of Nepal. By taking part in this program, you not only contribute to carbon neutrality but also actively participate in restoring biodiversity and preserving natural habitats.

What is the Eden Reforestation Project?

The Eden Project has been at the forefront of conservation efforts in Nepal for over five years. Since its inception in 2015, this visionary project has prioritized the restoration and preservation of critical areasA significant aspect of their work involves forging strategic alliances with Chitwan National Park, a prestigious World Heritage Site. This collaboration enables them to actively contribute to safeguarding vital animal habitats through reforestation initiatives and creating protective buffers around fragile landsBy engaging various stakeholders and channeling unwavering commitment into this endeavor, The Eden Project has effectively laid the foundation for long-term local empowerment. Not only does it protect vulnerable ecosystems but also fosters sustainable livelihoods within surrounding communities.

Why reforest in Nepal?

In Nepal, the rapidly diminishing natural environment is a concerning reality. More than 70% of their original forests have already been lost, leading to reduced resources for local communities and severe impacts on both people and wildlife. This growing crisis has had devastating effects that cannot be ignored. Urgent action is needed before these detrimental consequences become catastrophic for everyone living in Nepal. The root cause of this situation lies in human consumption exceeding the carrying capacity of nature. If we do not make significant changes soon, we will continue to push our ecosystems beyond their limits. It is crucial that we address this issue by implementing sustainable practices that prioritize conservation and restoration efforts. Efforts such as reforestation initiatives can play a vital role in reversing the damage done to Nepal’s forests. Reforestation involves planting trees where they once thrived, restoring habitats and providing valuable ecosystem services while also enhancing livelihoods for local communities. One example of successful community-driven reforestation programs worldwide is The International Small Group and Tree Planting Program. This farmer-led network comprises over 100,000 smallholder farmers across Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, and India who actively participate in agroforestry practices aimed at regenerative farming techniques.

How can you further help?

If you are seeking to amplify your dedication to environmental conservation, there is an excellent opportunity for you to extend your support to the Eden Reforestation Project in Nepal, as well as other destinations. By doing sonot only will you contribute towards brighter future but also engage in making a positive impact on our planetTake the initiative today and explore ways through which you can actively participate in this exciting journey towards conserving nature! To find out all the essential information about how you can get involved and make a difference, click below now.

For more information on our Tree Planting Promise: https://smsbusinesscloud.com/resources/green-promise/

The Eden Reforestation Project (Nepal) : https://www.edenprojects.org/our-work/nepal