The under 30s understand the risks of using cloud technologies at work, but are also the most likely to circumnavigate the IT department’s rules and bring consumer cloud services into the workplace.

A new survey of cloud usage in work environments found 20-somethings are the group most likely to:

  • Store passwords on a shared drive or Word document.
  • Forget their chosen passwords.
  • Email documents from work to their home account.
  • Move documents via cloud services outside of the IT department’s control.
  • Lose BYOD equipment with unrestricted access to work information.

Research suggests the ‘Millennials’ age-group are weighing up the risks of unauthorised cloud usage against their desire for anywhere access to information and concluding it’s more important to have information access than it is to worry about corporate IT security policies.

This reflects the demographic’s attitude towards work as being something which isn’t restricted by time or location — That is people don’t need to be in an office between 9am and 5pm to be productive.

Delivering a Secure Cloud

Under 30s have certain expectations of how work should operate and employers who don’t respond risk losing out the brightest recruits and future company leaders. Developing robust, secure, cloud-based services, which are within the control of the IT department, is essential if organisations are to attract the right kind of modern worker.

The move to Hosted Microsoft Exchange has already enabled colleagues to collect emails, from any location using their preferred devices, and the next IT challenge is to address the desire for documents to be available from any location.

Our FutureBox cloud service includes all the tools an IT department needs to deliver flexible working conditions, without impacting on organisational security.

For employees, FutureBox delivers a complete cloud working environment:

  • Sync documents across different machines.
  • Access files from mobile and tablet devices.
  • View and edit documents in the web browser.
  • Create project folders for advanced collaboration with colleagues.
  • Securely share information with people outside the organisation.

FutureBox gives employees the cloud storage service they need to work in their preferred ways, whilst keeping the IT department in complete control.

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