Skype for Business (previously know as Microsoft Lync) has the power to change how your business communicates. That may seem a bold statement, however Skype for Business is a powerful technology and provides:

  • Instant messaging.
  • Group chats.
  • Web conferences.
  • Virtual whiteboards.
  • Desktop sharing.

These tools help your business reach decisions quicker, avoid unnecessary travel costs, improve customer contact and provide a creative environment for sharing ideas.

Ask colleagues questions

Skype for Business’ secure instant messaging makes it easy for colleagues to ask questions, or share quick snippets of information. This makes it ideal for use in situations like having a customer on the telephone and needing help to answer their question. No need to say you’ll call the customer back, simply send an instant message to your colleague and get the answer right away.

Avoid inbox overload

Everyone has times when their inbox is full of emails from a group conversation, with messages going back and forth. This can cause inbox overload and mean other important emails get missed. Swapping group emails to group chats using Skype for Business means your inbox doesn’t clog up and speeds up communications.

Help remote workers feel part of the team

Working remotely can lead people to feel separated from the office environment, both in terms of being ‘in the loop’ for information and the social bonds which help smooth the day-to-day office operations. Using Skype for Business instant messaging and web conferencing means remote workers can be as active in conversations as if they were in the office at a desk.

Web conferencing with customers

Face-to-face contact with customers is important for many businesses, however there are times when the face-to-face contact can be replaced by a web conference. Saving your business travel costs and allowing meetings to take place instantly as needed.

In order to take part in a Skype for Business web conference you customers don’t need to be using the service themselves. Anyone can be invited to a virtual meeting and they can join in using nothing more than their web browser, or use their consumer Skype credentials.

Team problem-solving

When a business issue needs discussion, or you want to get together a group of colleagues to think about a new project in depth holding a web conference with Skype for Business provides a rich environment in which to hold the discussion.

A virtual whiteboard means everyone in the web meeting can share their ideas using words and pictures. Diagrams help clarify situations and point to solutions, and participants can easily bring in information from across the internet for others to read.

Presentations and demonstrations

Got something to share in a meeting? With Skype for Businessyou can share your desktop, or just individual apps, with others in a web conference and provide live presentations, or product demonstrations.

Demonstrations can be made interactive, giving everyone a deeper understanding of what you are showing off.

Conversation records

Maintaining a log of conversations is important in business, and prevents any misunderstandings later over what has been agreed during a meeting. Microsoft Skype for Businessautomatically records and archives all conversations (if the option has been selected in preferences) making it simple to go back and read what everyone said.

Save time, save money and keep control

Thanks to Skype for Business instant messaging and web conferencing your business can spend more time getting things done. Instant messaging reduces mailbox clutter whilst web conferencing and virtual whiteboards mean more time is spent being productive and less is spent stuck in traffic jams.

With all conversations being archived through your Hosted Exchange account, or Microsoft Office 365 email, your business has a record of all conversations and meetings. So any future queries are easily resolved and users can search their conversation history, rather than repeatedly ask for the same information again, and again.

To find out how Skype for Business can help your business communicate better, email our sales team or use our live chat service.