Released in 2002, Exchange ActiveSync is a data synchronisation protocol built by Microsoft. It enables users to access their emails, contacts, calendar entries, and tasks from their mobile devices.

Support is included in all major iOS, Android, Blackberry 10, and (of course) Windows smartphones. Once more, Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) allows users to access their data even when they are offline.

For the techies amongst you, EAS is based on XML, with the server and mobile devices communicating over HTTPS or HTTP. The protocol is enhanced to work with both low bandwidth and high latency networks. EAS v14.1 is currently running on Exchange 2013, however EAS protocol 16 is currently being rolled out inside Office 365 and will be included in the upcoming Exchange 2016.

How can Exchange ActiveSync help me?

Do you read emails at home? Do you need to find out a customer’s contact details whilst on the move? Need to know whether that meeting is still on whilst you’re travelling? With today’s modern workforce, people are increasingly on the go and need access to up-to-date information instantly.

Did you know that of the 30 million people working in the UK, 4.2 million are home workers. The trend is set to continue, as since 1998 home workers have increased by 1.3 million. And it’s not just predominantly home workers. The workforce in general is becoming increasingly mobile, and technology has to follow suit to match these demands.

EAS is the perfect solution. It fits the needs of a changing pattern in working, and allows employees to easily access business critical information (calendar, contacts, emails, tasks) remotely from the office. It goes without saying that this also increases productivity as people have the relevant information at their fingertips. Not being able to reach that one customer’s contact number may be the difference between you and your competitor winning the sale!

No longer is just email syncing alone an option for most businesses: contacts, calendar items and to-do’s make up the backbone of most employees’ needs.

How do I get it?

EAS comes with our Essential, Classic, and Executive Exchange email packages. It is also included in Office 365 Business packages which include Exchange email.

Exchange ActiveSync is not included in our Exchange Basic package (which syncs email but not contacts, calendars, and tasks), so if you currently have this type of mailboxes set-up and wish to upgrade, please contact the SMS team.