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Take email protection to the next level

The nature of email-borne threat is changing. Ransomware, identity theft, and blackmail are on the increase and standard email spam filtering can’t identify these new dangers. SMS Advanced Threat Protection protects your business network from these sophisticated attacks and is available as an add-on.


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What’s included with the plan?

Give your hosted email the ultimate in spam, virus, and malware filtering with FutureSpam. Email is critical to how your organisation thrives; viruses and spam clog up your email, reduce employee efficiency and prevent important messages from getting through.

Our advanced anti-spam and virus filters stop harmful messages before they reach your inbox. All known spam is stopped, with a quarantine report generated daily for you to check for ‘false-positives’ and help train our spam filters for your specific needs. Plus, get our first-class 24/7 UK support free when you order FutureSpam.

FutureSpam delivers effective integrated email system security service that protects your company from email-borne threats before they reach your network. It provides comprehensive services to filter spam and viruses from email and to protect your email system from attacks. The service also provides your IT organisation with the necessary tools to manage email connections and regulate email delivery.

FutureSpam is available with monthly or annual agreements. Customers agreeing to an annual commitment benefit from a discounted price, the equivalent of two months service for free.

FutureSpam is charged per mailbox, on a per domain basis (for example if you have 10 mailboxes on a domain FutureSpam must be purchased for all mailboxes).

    • Identity Spoofing recognition to identify senders pretending to be other people

Authenticity and meta data checks to ensure the integrity of the sender
Sandboxing of incoming emails to test attachments without risking network infection
URL scanning of links in documents to check the destination is safe
Pattern matching to identify email content suspected of being duplicitous
Target detection which identifies attacks on particular individuals

  • Commitment
  • 90 Day rolling email continuity
  • Real-time filters
  • Outlook plugin
  • Virus protection
  • Protection reports
  • Intelligent filtering
  • Based on leading EveryCloud technology
  • Simple setup
  • 24/7 support
  • Identity spoofing checks
  • Authenticity checks
  • Sandboxing
  • URL scanning
  • Pattern matching
  • Target detection

FutureSpam - Monthly

£0.99per month
  • Monthly

FutureSpam - Annual

£0.83per month
  • Annual

FutureSpam + ATP

£2.08per month
  • Annual

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