We’ve all been video conferencing for quite some time, and will probably be used to it by now. BUT are you fulfilling all the basics? Have a look at our checklist of tips to get the best out of your video calls!

1. Ensure that you are using the correct equipment for your video conference, which includes a good internet connection and webcam/video camera.

2. Plan ahead to ensure any technical issues do not arise during your meeting. Be prepared to troubleshoot any problems with your computer or other devices before the conference begins so you do not have delays in your meeting.

3. Ensure that you have the correct conference call number and access code if needed, or any registration information to add participants after the start of your meeting.

4. Prepare a list of agenda items in order for everyone to see on their screens before the video conference begins so they know what you will be talking about and can prepare questions and input before the meeting starts.

5. Use a neutral background to make it easier for people to focus on you, not your surroundings. A solid coloured wall or screen is ideal as these tend to be less distracting than other patterns or images in the background. Microsoft Teams also has green-screen backgrounds you can use if you don’t want to show your real backdrop.

6. Remember that anything visible behind you like windows, doors, desks and other objects can distract or confuse your audience, so make sure they are out of frame.

7. Greet everyone and introduce yourself at the beginning of the video conference to ensure that participants feel welcome and comfortable, especially if this is their first time attending.

8. Keep an eye on how much space you have left for video and move closer to your camera if you exceed the limit to ensure that everyone can see you.

9. Speak slowly and clearly because sometimes video conferencing equipment can make it harder to understand people, especially when words are not clear or they mumble. Use a computer microphone or headset with a good sound quality for best results.

10. Make sure you are well lit, using a lamp, ring light or other light source. Stay tuned for our next webinar that will be reviewing different types of lighting! This way you can know which light source is best to show off your face in the best way possible 💡

We conducted a webinar all about tips for video conferencing, so if you want more detail you can find that here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vD5ZARcCFfw&t=693s

Our webinar page: https://smsbusinesscloud.com/webinars/