1. Security

The last two years have seen more ransomware incidents than ever before. At SMS our experienced security team have been busy ensuring that our customers are fully prepared and secured whether using Azure in the cloud or Intune to secure mobile devices.

SMS has partnered with some of the very best backup and security companies in the world such as Acronis to ensure that our customers are fully protected.

So many small businesses believe it will never happen to them, until it’s too late. Contact our team on 01925 818448 to secure your IT and put your mind at rest.

“In the first four months of 2021, the NCSC handled the same number of ransomware incidents as for the whole of 2020 – which was itself a number more than three times greater than in 2019.” https://www.ncsc.gov.uk/collection/ncsc-annual-review-2021/the-threat/ransomware-threat-methodology

  1. Remote working

The “new normal” is remote or hybrid working. This has brought greater work-life balance but introduced many challenges to the workplace. How do we ensure that mobile devices such as laptops, cell phones and desktops on home networks are able to securely access the necessary work assets? Our teams at SMS are helping customers solve these issues every day.


  1. Virtual Desktops

If using various mobiles and laptops, android, apple, hp, dell is a security risk, how do businesses deal with that?

Our Cloud Desktops team at SMS have been rushed off their feet with companies wanting to shift from old, insecure personal devices to fully featured, secure desktops in the cloud.

Virtual desktops allow employees to access their full desktop securely from anywhere, anytime. Not only that but should someone leave, their desktop can be turned off immediately and all data secured.

It’s a great new way of working and one that we’re sure will be even more popular in 2022.

A free cloud review from the experts at SMS could give you a happy new year – 01925 818448

  1. Customer service and support

Customers can purchase their IT from anywhere these days, from Microsoft to Amazon or even their local one person IT shop who is great at fixing printers…. But can they offer 24x7x365 UK support? Will they be there to support your individual business needs, or will you be just a customer number?

At SMS continue to recruit and train only the best people all of whom are passionate about excellent customer service.

In a competitive marketplace, we know that exemplary customer service and support makes all the difference, from onboarding all the way through using our services.

That’s why our new tagline is “always here for you”. 24/7/365 there will be a UK based helpdesk waiting to help you.

  1. Cloud storage

As employees move to remote or hybrid working, the old file servers in the corner are no longer fit for purpose. It’s time to send them off to retire in peace and move those files to the secure cloud.

The question is, can you be sure those files are secure in the cloud? Backed up? Always accessible?

SMS have been working hard to ensure that whether you need to store a few files or many TBs, we have secure, reliable, and fast cloud storage.

  1. Cloud telephony

It was all so easy 10 years ago. Buy a clunky old PBX, attach it to the wall, pay a fortune for some phones and add on another small fortune for support. At least it worked right?

With hybrid working, we are seeing more and more demand for a modern alternative.

People are increasingly using MS Teams for video, audio meetings and they expect to be able to call anyone from their desktop, laptop or mobile.

MS Business Voice solves this problem simply and elegantly. It’s so good that SMS has moved to it completely.

With full Teams integration, our colleagues can all make calls from whatever device they are using, wherever they are.

No clunky PBX, no special expensive phones, and no huge, unexpected phone bills.

We all really love it and would be happy to tell you why!


Final thoughts

All these changes to business practices can be daunting but they can also be opportunities. Adopting the latest cloud solutions can result in a much more agile, and motivated, workforce but the question is how to leverage these opportunities without losing focus on your own business?

This is where I see SMS adding value in 2022 and beyond.

Our 24/7/365 team will keep an around the clock vigil on the latest security, cloud services, and advances leaving you to look after your own business.

May I wish you and yours a very happy Christmas, a prosperous and above all, safe, new year.

Colin Smith

[Colin Smith, CEO of SMS has been helping businesses move to the cloud since 1994 when he helped to found and develop one of the first ISPs (U-NET) in the UK. He launched SMS in 2006 to answer the needs of SMEs for secure, reliable cloud infrastructures. Colin has grown SMS by adopting the best of breed services backed by the very best customer service.]