In today’s business environment, data is one of your most critical assets. As companies transition to cloud services like Microsoft 365, it’s important to understand the shared responsibility model for data protection. While Microsoft ensures robust infrastructure security, complementing it with reliable solutions like Acronis Cyber Protect will ensure comprehensive safeguarding of your business.

The Reality of Microsoft 365 Protection

While Microsoft 365 offers robust solutions for service availability and infrastructure integrity, it’s important to understand the scope of its data protection capabilities. Here are some key points to consider for ensuring comprehensive data security:

1. Retention Policies

Microsoft 365 provides retention policies, such as keeping deleted emails for 30 days and SharePoint data for 93 days. To extend protection, additional measures might be necessary to ensure data is recoverable beyond these periods.

2. Accidental Deletion

Human error is unavoidable. Whether files are accidentally deleted or essential documents overwritten, Microsoft 365’s retention policies offer a recovery window, but extended protection can further safeguard your data.

3. Internal Security Measures

Microsoft 365 includes robust security features to protect your data; however, supplementing these features can enhance protection against internal threats, whether intentional or accidental.

4. External Threats

Microsoft 365 offers essential security features to defend against cyber attacks like ransomware and phishing. Augmenting these defenses with advanced solutions can provide a more comprehensive shield against sophisticated threats.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud – Cyber Protection Solution for MSPs

Elevating Your Data Protection with Acronis Cyber Protect

To complement Microsoft 365’s strong foundation, Acronis Cyber Protect provides an additional layer of security and recoverability.

Holistic Data Protection

Acronis Cyber Protect integrates data protection with advanced cybersecurity, ensuring your Microsoft 365 environment is fully secured.

Key Benefits of Acronis Cyber Protect

Comprehensive Backup

Acronis Cyber Protect backs up emails, files, and user data, offering customisable retention policies to extend protection beyond Microsoft 365’s built-in policies.

Advanced Threat Protection

Acronis uses AI-based defenses to guard against ransomware, malware, and other cyber threats, detecting and blocking suspicious activities in real-time.

Easy Data Recovery

Acronis provides quick and straightforward data recovery options, ensuring efficient restoration of individual files or entire systems.

Simplified Management

Acronis Cyber Protect’s unified dashboard simplifies backup management and data security, making it user-friendly even for those without extensive IT expertise.

Regulatory Compliance

Acronis helps ensure your business meets regulatory requirements with features like audit trails and data encryption.

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Real-World Application: Enhancing Microsoft 365 with Acronis Cyber Protect

Imagine a scenario where crucial client emails and documents are accidentally deleted, or a ransomware attack targets your Microsoft 365 environment. With Acronis Cyber Protect, you can mitigate these risks, offering peace of mind with comprehensive protection and recovery tools that enhance the security provided by Microsoft 365.

Take Action: Secure Your Microsoft 365 Data Today

The risks of not adequately protecting your Microsoft 365 data are too significant to ignore. Misconceptions can lead to vulnerabilities, data loss, and compliance issues. Protect your business with the reliable and advanced solutions offered by Acronis Cyber Protect.

Want to learn more about how Acronis Cyber Protect can safeguard your Microsoft 365 data? Click here for detailed information and to get started on securing your business’s most vital asset—its data. By addressing the common myths around Microsoft 365 data protection and highlighting the comprehensive capabilities of Acronis Cyber Protect, this blog aims to inform and encourage businesses to take proactive steps towards better data security.

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