Are you constantly battling IT issues that disrupt your productivity and peace of mind? Whether it’s Outlook connection problems, OneDrive sync errors, constant password prompts, or the need for a migration, these persistent issues can significantly impact your daily operations. At SMS, we offer exceptional Professional Services to help you overcome these challenges, with prices starting from just £50+VAT.

Why Choose SMS as Your IT Service Provider?


Our certified team brings years of experience and offers IT solutions tailored to your business needs. We expertly manage your IT cost-saving strategies, software setups, and cloud migrations, ensuring seamless transitions for your organisation.

Remote Assistance

Dealing with IT failures can be frustrating, but our friendly specialists are here to assist you remotely. Whether it’s Outlook 365 and Office setup, email issues, software problems, data backups, or security concerns, we guide you through solutions step-by-step.

Exceptionally Low Prices

Our rates begin at just £50+VAT for a session with our professional team, ensuring that you receive expert service at unbeatable value.

Comprehensive Solutions

Our services extend beyond what’s listed. If you have a specific IT challenge, give us a call. We are committed to delivering top-notch service and customer experience.

Examples of How We Can Help

Problem Solving

IT problems can significantly impact your daily workload, often requiring more time to diagnose than to fix. Here’s how we can assist:

  • Outlook and OneDrive Support: We resolve connectivity and sync issues, ensuring your files and messages are always available.
  • Computer Check-Up: We remotely access and enhance the performance of slow computers or laptops, ensuring a faster and more efficient user experience.
  • Software Installation and Updates: Our team offers expert help with installing, configuring, and updating essential software tools to avoid technical issues.

Migration Services

Did you know we specialise in migration services? Our expertise ranges from website and on-premises migration to cloud solutions and cross-tenant migration. Here are some examples:

  • On-Premises: Move your on-premises servers to the cloud seamlessly with our secure migration service, enhancing efficiency and scalability.
  • Web Migration: Migrate your WordPress site to enhance and optimize website performance for faster load times and improved user experience.
  • Office 365: Facilitate a seamless transition of data and workflows into a dynamic cloud environment with Office 365, significantly enhancing productivity and collaboration.

Configuration Assistance

Incorrectly configured devices or applications can cause numerous issues. Our configuration services include:

  • Mobile Device Support: We help manage and fix issues to keep your mobile devices running smoothly, especially important as more people work remotely.
  • Email Configuration: We assist with email setup and fixing issues with sending and receiving mail, ensuring seamless communication.
  • Website Threats: Conducting a thorough website security audit to identify vulnerabilities, followed by implementing essential updates to enhance protection against potential threats.

Training Services

Training is key to preventing cyber-attacks and mastering tools like SharePoint. Our training services include:

  • Facilitating Digital Transformation: We offer advice on streamlining processes, integrating modern technologies, and achieving maximum efficiency.
  • Online Awareness: We conduct online security awareness training for employees to enhance their understanding of cyber threats and best practices for safeguarding information.
  • Setting Up Your Team: We provide onboarding and in-depth training sessions for Office 365 applications, tailored to enhance user proficiency and streamline workflow.

Get Started with SMS Today

Don’t let IT issues hold you back. With SMS Professional Services, you gain access to expert solutions, remote assistance, and comprehensive support, all at exceptionally low prices. Contact us today to discover how we can help your business thrive in the face of IT challenges! Connect with us through our support email or give us a call at 01925 818448.

Why SMS?

Since 2006, our cloud services have supported over 4,500 businesses, managing more than 27,000 mailboxes and other services. Our UK-based team of experts is available 24/7/365 to provide skilled and helpful support and keep your business online. We offer cost-effective solutions and streamline billing with everything under one roof. You can also count on our migration experts to guide you through the planning and execution phases. Experience reliable, affordable, and comprehensive cloud technology with SMS. Find out more about our Professional Services here