Many businesses run their operations from their email inbox, with both internal and external communications focused on the messages that pass through it. Keeping your inbox in proper working shape is important to help you work efficiently and avoid missing important emails from customers.

As well as providing great value business email, Simply Mail Solutions also offer a range of add-on services designed to keep your inbox free of distractions. With these extra services you’ll be able to reduce inbox clutter and communicate better.

Microsoft Lync

Does your inbox fill up with emails from colleagues asking you questions? Do you find yourself waiting for replies from others so you can finish a task? With Microsoft Lync’s secure instant messaging features you can avoid inbox overload and get quicker answers. Instead of sending an internal email and waiting for a response, you can send a message that pops-up on a colleagues screen; giving them the opportunity to reply straight away.

Quicker internal conversations lead to faster responses to customers, delivering better customer service and helping you work more efficiently.

Futurespam email filtering

Business mailboxes sometimes attract undesirable attention, which can clog up your inbox. Our advanced email filtering add-on delivers world-class email protection, keeping out the messages you don’t want.

Filtering leaves you with an inbox holding just the emails you need, and each day you’ll receive a report saying messages were filtered, allowing you to train the service to your specific requirements.

Email archiving

Some inboxes are kept full of old emails in case they are needed again. This can make your mail service run slower and mean new messages are lost amongst the older ones.

With our online archiving solution you can keep your mailbox clear for new messages and maintain a fully searchable, unlimited, archive available via the web.

All messages sent and received are automatically archived, including attachments, and emails are kept for up to 10 years. Archiving also includes our email filtering service as standard, giving greater inbox protection against unwanted messages.

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