More and more organisations are moving their operations into ‘the cloud’ and an article over at GigaOM explores how you can prepare your teams for the transition to online document storage and project management.

“Clouds are designed around the principle of a standardized service. As a cloud builder, you’ll need to embrace the concept of the service as the center of gravity for your IT delivery model, which will dictate some new roles in your organization.”

The article lists several organisational roles you need to develop in order to create and maintain your cloud strategy.

  • Product manager
  • Automation engineer
  • Cloud orchestrator
  • Release manager

Article link: How to organize your team for cloud success

In some ways, ‘the cloud’ is merely a new word to describe something businesses have been doing for some time. Microsoft Exchange makes your emails, calendars and notes available on multiple devices, no matter where you are. This is the basis of a ‘cloud’ service. Add in Microsoft SharePoint and you have a full cloud solution for internal and external communications, project management and document storage.

For an all-in-one solution businesses can select Microsoft Office 365, which combines email, anywhere access, cloud storage, and online versions of Microsoft Office apps in one simple package.