Sensible organisations make sure they have a robust domain name strategy and register all relevant domain variations, including multiple TLDs.

Once the domain variations are registered, the next stage is to integrate them with the primary domain, so businesses can maintain multiple contact points for customers and tailor their online identity to specific audiences.

Email integration

Email aliases with hosted Exchangemake it simple to integrate multiple domains, without having to pay for extra mailboxes. An alias means email sent to is diverted to The process is automatic, invisible to both sender and receiver and means people can use whichever domain they prefer to get in touch.

Aliases are not restricted to just changes in the domain name. Some organisation use aliases for forwarding generic email address (eg sales@…) to specific users, rather than having a dedicated mailbox.

Web hosting

A powerful feature of our business web hosting is the ability to create different websites for different domains, without incurring extra costs.

Organisations can tailor websites for different audiences (eg, offer different products and pricing in different countries) and use different domains for each site. UK customers would visit whilst French customers can use .fr. Each would see a different website, with country-specific information.

On our standard web hosting package, up to 5 domains can be used. Organisations which require more than 5 websites can upgrade to a VPS service – which allows unlimited domains to be served from the same hosting package.