The award-winning Joomla CMS powers websites of all sizes. It’s flexibility and robust architecture make it ideal for any organisation looking to separate content and design, to keep both easily manageable.

Joomla is available as standard with all our web hosting packages.

What is a CMS?

A Content Management System (CMS) acts as a central library for your websites. Storing text, images, documents, and everything else organised for easy access.

Because content and design are kept separate it makes managing and updating websites simpler. Content can be altered without having to update individual web pages, just as the look of a webpage can be changed without having to re-flow the content.

How is Joomla used?

Joomla can be used in many situations, including

Corporate web portals – Websites which attract major traffic use Joomla to ensure a consistent customer experience.
Intranets and Extranets – Build a internal knowledge base or information resource for colleagues.
Online news sites and magazines – Joomla can handle massive content databases, making it ideal for news sites.
E-commerce sites – Businesses that sell online can build a complete product catalogue, shopping cart and e-commerce gateway.
SME websites – Because content and design are separated. SMEs don’t need to keep returning the website designer to change the pictures or text on a web page.
Blogs and personal sites – With easy install, bloggers can have a complete personal site up and running quickly.
Not-for-profit sites – As Joomla doesn’t come with any additional charges, it’s ideal for not-for-profit organisations looking to build a website, without stretching their budget.

As an open source solutions, Joomla doesn’t come with any additional charges for usage, and is actively supported by a vibrant developer community.

Who uses Joomla?

Examples of Joomla in use by major organisations include:

  • MTV Networks’ Quizilla
  • Harvard University
  • CitiBank

A directory of Joomla users is available on the main Joomla website.

Simple installation

Joomla is provided with all web hosting and VPS services. Thanks to Plesk control panel integration, the Joomla CMS can be installed automatically in under 5 minutes. Simply click to select the app and everything you need will be automatically set up.

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