The Office 365 Business Premium package ensures that your organisation is equipped with the most effective productivity and communication tools. This package includes downloadable Microsoft Office applications, including Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel – having access to the desktop versions of these apps as opposed to only the online equivalents is important for two primary reasons; the downloadable apps contain the full suite of tools each app has to offer, instead of a more limited toolkit in the online versions. Additionally, the second benefit is that there is no need to worry about a slow or unreliable connection impacting a user’s ability to work, which is especially crucial for remote workers who may be travelling on trains or to locations where a strong and consistent internet connection isn’t guaranteed. Users can work on their Office projects offline irrespective of access to the internet and then upload them once they are complete, enabling greater productivity when on the move. The downloadable apps can be used on 5 devices per user, therefore perfect for people who need to work seamlessly between PC, phone, laptop, tablet, etc. Email, contacts, calendars, notes and reminders are also synchronised between desktop, webmail and mobile devices, again ensuring the seamless workflow between devices and application types.

Furthermore, the Business Premium package comes with Microsoft Teams included – Teams is an instant messaging platform that allows users to message from their desktop, or whilst on the move with the mobile app. This supports prompt and easy communication between team members, useful for quickly sharing documents and links. In addition to this, Teams is also equipped with a web conferencing feature, enabling users to schedule online meetings, saving time and travel expenses. Microsoft Business Voice is also now available, which facilitates making, receiving and transferring calls to landlines and mobiles within Microsoft Teams (Find out more about Microsoft Business Voice on our website or by calling our sales team).

Some other notable features that Premium includes: a 50GB exchange mailbox, SharePoint and OneDrive. OneDrive is a cloud storage system that allows individuals to save their work within their personal OneDrive and have these files be synced across devices, again enabling easy and secure flow between devices and locations. SharePoint is a more centralised storage hub that teams can save documents to, access files within, and tailor who is able to see certain documents inside their personalised SharePoint storage unit. Over all, the Business Premium package offers excellent productivity and communication support for any modern organisation that wants to provide a secure and up-to-date Office 365 solution.

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