Firstly, SMS sincerely hope that during this difficult and unpredictable time that you, your families and colleagues are all well and healthy. We know how important it is to you that during this time we all work together to ensure we protect all of the people in our lives and our businesses.

Therefore, we at SMS just wanted to update you with our plans and offer guidance to those of our customers wanting to work from home.

As all of SMS services are provided from the cloud and based in the highest tier datacentres, they have been designed from day one to be fully and securely managed remotely by our own experienced engineering resources.

Also as part of our ISO compliance, remote working is routinely tested for all critical business functions, and all SMS staff have access to the resources required to continue their work remotely, therefore for us, it is business as usual, offering you the same 24/7 technical support.

If you are experiencing any problems working from home or have questions about arranging for your employees to work remotely, we have a number of different solutions to assist you. Our sales team will be happy to help and recommend the best solutions for your business which may include Office 365, Teams and Business Voice, which will ensure that your team continue to collaborate efficiently, ensuring that you see no interruption during this difficult time.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any concerns or questions on 01925 818448.

If you have a support question you can submit a ticket by logging in to the support portal here.