VPs and directors creating a potential security hole

New research, released by Nasuni, reveals one in five employees are using Dropbox to store business documents and information. Using Dropbox for sensitive information carries risks however this hasn’t stopped many businesses using it to sync documents; often without the knowledge of the IT department. Among the most common ‘offenders’ in the survey were those near the top of the organisation, including VPs and directors.

The popularity of Dropbox for business documents is in part fueled by the BYOD movement. Employees are increasingly bringing their own mobile and tablet equipment with them for business purposes, and are looking for solutions to allow them to work with corporate documents wherever they are.

Secure private cloud solutions

The real answer to the BYOD situation is to deploy a private cloud solution. Simply Mail Solutions offer several options to ensure employees can keep the flexibility of cloud storage, without the jeopardising company security.

  • OneDrive for Business — Available as part of Microsoft Office 365, it provides 1TB of storage per licence along with full copies of popular Microsoft Office apps.
  • Dropbox for Business – If employees are already using the consumer Dropbox service, switching to Dropbox for Business means they continue to use the interface they understand and the IT department can control access.
  • Futurebox – Based on box.net, Futurebox provides cloud storage along with advanced online editing facilities, creating a full ‘office in the cloud’ environment.

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