Mobiles and tablets (whether it be iPhone, iPad, Android or others) are rapidly becoming the dominant way of reading business emails and thanks to Microsoft Exchange’s ActiveSync technology these devices can use their default email apps to make reading, responding and filing messages easy. However there are times when employees will use Outlook Web Access, rather than the in-built mail app, and in OWA 2013 Microsoft have made several improvements to the OWA framework to make mobile access easier.

OWA 2013 includes support for HTML 5’s offline access. This means users can still use some webmail functions without an active internet connection, handy for periods such as when sat on a train.

OWA Touch Mode

Microsoft now use a variant of the Microsoft Modern UI, giving the UI a cleaner look with larger touch targets, making it easier to use on touch-based devices. The UI also incorporates two layouts, one optimised for tablets (wide mode) and the other for mobiles (narrow mode).

Offline HTML 5 access

With offline mode, OWA 2013 users can see their inbox, drafts and any other folder accessed in the last 7 days. Each folder contains up to 3 days worth of email, up to a maximum of 150 emails.

Simply Mail Solutions are currently testing Exchange 2013 for our cloud email customers. Once launched OWA 2013 will form part of our Exchange 2013 package.