Our Hosted Microsoft Exchange Classic and Executive mailboxes have always come with a free licence for Microsoft Outlook on both Windows and Mac OS X.

From today, customers with either mailbox type now have the latest Microsoft Outlook 2013 available in the control panel. Outlook 2013 brings an abundance of new features to Outlook including:

Cleaner interface — Outlook 2013 sports a new look, designed to focus on the important content and give a clearer view.
Inline replies — Replying to a message is quicker. Simply type a reply right into the Reading Pane. Microsoft Lync users can start an IM conversation for real-time conversations.
Message list previews — The message list now shows a short preview of the email’s contents. Making it quicker to see which emails need a response first.
Message list commands — Instantly set a flag, mark messages as read, or delete them, in a single click.
Message list filters — Switch between ‘All’ and ‘Unread’ messages to focus on email you haven’t yet read.
Sneak peak — Hover over a tab to glance at your diary, or see details of who you are emailing.
People cards — View all the details for a person in a single place. Then schedule a meeting, send a message or call them right from their card.
Faster searching — Find emails, contacts and calendar entries quicker with smarter searching.

If you’d like to upgrade to Outlook 2013 the software, and licence key, are available in your control panel. If you don’t have a Classic or Executive mailbox contact our sales team to upgrade.