So what is Microsof Azure? Perhaps the easiest way to describe Azure is a complete pay-as-you-go Data Centre, with servers and networking, in the cloud.

If you have a server in your office or at a data centre, you can completely replace this with Azure from SMS. Not only that, but you will benefit from the SMS expert Azure team to back you up.

How does it work?

Azure has hundreds of different options to choose from, different network adapters, different cpus and so on. Whilst this configurability is amazing, it can be overwhelming and this is where having SMS as part of your team really starts to pay off. Our Azure experts can talk you through all the options or even set the whole thing up for you.

Once setup, your new cloud infrastructure will benefit from the fastest global network available and you will only pay when you actually spin up a machine. That’s truly pay as you go!

No more spending thousands upfront on servers, a controllable monthly spend – that’s Azure from SMS

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