Did you know that you can make, receive and transfer calls to and from landlines and mobiles with Microsoft Business Voice? This useful feature takes the already excellent Microsoft Teams to another level by adding phone calling to the messaging platform. Business Voice is cloud based so houses your phone system all in one place within Teams, which allows for seamless integration to the existing application.

Business Voice is especially useful for organisations with remote workers, as calls can be taken from any location or device that has the Microsoft Teams app installed. This allows for individuals to switch devices as they work on the move, and if they are away from desk and only have a mobile or tablet with them, they can still engage in calls without the need for a landline office phone. Calls can also be queued or transferred, and up to 300 people can be dialled into a call at one time. Microsoft Business Voice includes a monthly minutes allowance based on the number of BV licences (up to 300 users), all the minutes are pooled together and individuals’ calls are deducted from the monthly pool. Additionally, our team offers 24/7 customer support, so you can rest assured we’ll be on hand to help with any issues you may have.

Find out more about Microsoft Business Voice here: https://smsbusinesscloud.com/products/universal-communications/microsoft-teams/microsoft-365-business-voice/ or speak to one of our friendly sales team on 01925 818448.