Please note: This is an archived news story. New hosted Microsoft Exchangecustomers are now placed automatically on the latest Microsoft Exchange 2013 platform.

Simply Mail Solutions has announced the network wide upgrade of MS Exchange Server 2007 to MS Exchange Server 2010 has been completed.

Commented Keith Pritchard (CTO):

“For us, it was a logical step to go as the technical changes for the hosted version of MS Exchange 2010 are considerable. Following our mission we are constantly working to keep up with the latest technology and so we decided to upgrade our servers to MS Exchange 2010.
“This also ensures that our customers can profit from all features that MS Exchange 2010 mailboxes have to offer. We have put a major amount of effort into making the change over as smooth and trouble free as possible and not rushed this upgrade onto the market.”

Pritchard continued:

“Also with constantly increasing message sizes and email traffic storage often becomes an issue. With Exchange 2010 we are now able to offer up to 25GB of storage to our power users on our Executive package still ensuring a reliable and robust service. Another feature that is especially important for mobile users that rely on web access is the highly improved Outlook Web App (OWA).
“Not only does OWA now fully support all common browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, and of course Internet Explorer but it also provides enhanced message search facilities within an interface that is very similar to the Outlook email client. It therefore ensures easy navigation even if a user is away from the office keeping productivity levels high.”

Pritchard further:

“With Exchange 2010 the life of the messaging administrator also becomes easier. Organisations can nominate one individual to administrate their domain on our platform. The admin will then be able to change passwords, active directory information, distributions groups, external contacts, server rules, etc. The improvement will allow IT and/or other admin staff to spend as little time as possible on day-to-day messaging admin work freeing important time for other business critical projects.”

With regards to the roll-out Colin Smith (CEO) added:

“New users will immediately be installed on the Exchange 2010 platform whilst existing customers will be migrated in due course. Monthly and annual charges will remain unchanged respectively.”

With Exchange 2010 Simply Mail Solutions is now offering the latest hosted version of MS Exchange

which can be extremely cost-effective especially for small and medium sized enterprises that are

considering an upgrade from a POP3 email solution, an older version of Exchange or another


MS Exchange is the leading paid for email and collaboration suite providing calendars,

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