Simply Mail Solution, an international email hosting provider, has announced that they have they have set-up a hosted Exchange solution with an integrated SharePoint solution for System Mechanics (SysMech), a Devon based company for product solutions, professional services and consultancy to national and international telecoms service providers.

Commented Colin Smith SMS Managing Director

“SysMech’s decision to move away from an in-house server shows how the market is changing as more and more organisations outsource their email and other web applications like SharePoint. Many companies like SysMech are putting a priority on large data retention and back-up capabilities at a reasonable price when reviewing their existing email and application solutions. We are able to provide this required reliability and scalability and after an initial test period our hosted Exchange solution with an integrated SharePoint application was a logical step for SysMech.”

Chris Mathews (Director at SysMech) commented on the SharePoint solution:

“The platform is used as a document storage repository with built-in revision control and user tracking. The solution is accessed via web browsers by various national and international SysMech offices, and on occasions by suitably authorised remote customers for support reasons.”

By setting up a hosted MS Exchange solution with an integrated SharePoint solution SysMech can enjoy the full benefits of a cloud based system without the hassle of the maintenance— back ups, software updates, and server management.