Fed up of your mailboxes getting clogged with spam? Want that extra layer of protection from junk and hidden email threats? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you may want to consider investing in a spam filter for your mailbox. Although most mailboxes already come with a very basic, ineffective spam filter – ie. the spam folder that collects the odd bit of junk but also with those sweeps in some of your order receipts, account activations and other things that are not in fact spam at all. A more advanced and effective spam filter is FutureSpam, a service that specialises in spam, virus and malware filtering.

FutureSpam helps to stop harmful messages before they reach your inbox; it detects them at domain level. The spam is then stopped, and any spam for the day is summarised in a quarantine report – you’re able to choose how often you want these reports to come through, whether that be hourly, daily, etc. so this can be customised to suit your organisation’s needs. The report will detail the sender of the spam, the nature of the email in a handy short summary, then gives you options of what you would like to happen to the emails that were stopped. You can of course just leave them and do nothing if they’re junk, you can deliver to your inbox if you know it is safe and want to view the full content of the email, or you can whitelist or blacklist the sender if you do/don’t want to see their emails in the future. This quarantine report system is very useful as it means you can keep on top of everything that would be being delivered to your inbox, and with your regular interaction the system can learn the types of emails you do and don’t want to receive.


If you are interested in FutureSpam for your business, we provide this service for £0.99/month per mailbox per domain (+VAT).

For more information on our FutureSpam packages visit https://smsbusinesscloud.com/products/security-compliance/spam-filtering/ or contact our sales team on +4401925 818448.