With so many of us working from home for sustained periods, we are all having to find new ways to collaborate with each other.

Simply Mail Solutions was born in the cloud in 2006 and we have a range of great services on our website, simplyms.wpengine.com, to enable remote working.

If like most of us, you only use a fraction of the capabilities available in your services and applications, you may find that you are missing out on some useful features.

Probably the most well-known collaboration tool is Microsoft Teams. Teams replaced the popular Skype For Business and includes Instant messaging, secure video/audio conferencing and even basic file transfer.

With Teams, you can stay in touch with colleagues, have conference calls with anyone who has a basic web browser available, you can even host a webinar just as SMS do in our popular webinar series. You can see how we did it by watching  recordings of our webinars at https://smsbusinesscloud.com/news/webinars/

Did you know that you can do much more with the Microsoft 365 services?

1. Share your files and folders with OneDrive
When working in the office, you would typically walk over to a colleague and share a print out, file or folder. Working remotely this may not be possible. This is where OneDrive comes in handy allowing you to share anything you want, videos, documents, projects and more.


2. Work together in Word, Excel and PowerPoint
This is one of those great, but not well used, features of the Microsoft 365 applications. Using the Teams application, you can share your screen or just an application window with a colleague. They will see what you type, and you can both work on the document together.

3. Use the mobile office suite on iPhones/iPads or Android
It can get boring sitting at the desktop or laptop machine day in, day out so why not take the phone or iPad into the garden? Available on the various appstores, a simple install will allow you to look at documents, comment and create pdfs to share. You may never want to go back to the office!

4. OneNote for note taking and more
You may have seen the OneNote icon but thought no more about it. Did you know that you can turn Outlook emails into notes in OneNote? You can then make notes against them and send it back out. It works great for virtual meetings as well; you can take notes as the meeting progresses and create Outlook tasks.

Microsoft has some useful hints and tips here https://support.office.com/en-gb/article/work-remotely-with-microsoft-365-164946c8-a47a-470e-a0b4-feb12a2eea04?ui=en-US&rs=en-GB&ad=GB

Don’t forget that the team at Simply Mail Solutions is here to help you and the whole team has plenty of experience working remotely. Iff you are facing a challenge, send us an email to sales@simplymailsolutions.com or speak to one of our friendly sales team on 01925 818448

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