Yesterday, Microsoft released their recently announced, exciting new product, Windows 365 Cloud PC. With Windows 365, you’ll be able to use your favourite apps and tools on any device, allowing you to use your cloud PC on laptops, tablets, and mobiles – you can even use it on non-Windows devices like Mac and Android!


With many people still working from home or on the go, the power of Windows 365 will be more appreciated than ever. Designed with remote, flexible working in mind, you can access the full capabilities of your PC from anywhere, on personal or work devices, all while remaining secure and compliant. Working on the go is no longer inconvenient with Windows 365 – being away from your desktop PC doesn’t have to mean you must manage without your most important applications, as with Windows 365, you can access them freely from wherever you are. Fancy getting some work done at the beach? On a train? In a park? With Windows 365, you can. It’s like lugging your big home PC everywhere for the sake of keeping all your apps and files with you… except it’s invisible and weighs nothing! Thanks to the power of the cloud, you can work with everything you need, at any time.


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