For a while now, here at SMS we’ve been conducting webinars every two weeks. We really enjoy producing and presenting them, as we get to share knowledge, expertise and advice with you, our customers, about a wide range of products, services and topics. This news post will highlight and detail a few fantastic webinars that are on our YouTube channel, so you can have a bit more information, as well as access them and all other webinars on SMS TV.


Our most recent webinar, taking place last week, was all about Office 365 Admin Centre. This gave a great insight into the capabilities of the Admin Centre, how to use it efficiently, and everything you need to know about setting up and managing a group of users. There is also a Q&A section at the end in which you can hear important customer questions answered. Find this webinar here:


A highly requested webinar that we conducted a few months ago was Microsoft 365 Extra Features; here we show you the often forgotten about Forms, Lists and Bookings applications in 365, and how fabulous these programs really are. Our customers were very impressed with these tools and asked lots of questions at the end which were clearly and concisely answered in this webinar also. If you’d like to know more about these incredibly useful applications that are included in your 365 subscription, watch this webinar here:


As working from home has become a lot more prominent over this past year, it has been essential that we all learn and adjust accordingly to this new way of working. At SMS, we felt it would be useful for our customers if we share some valuable tips, tricks and programs that would assist your remote working experience. A core aspect of working from home has been video conferencing, and along with video conferencing can come a whole host of problems. Therefore, we decided to produce a webinar giving everyone advice and tools, ranging from basic to more complex, in order to make your video calling experience as streamlined as possible. You can find both our remote working webinar, and our video conferencing webinar here:


One service that is growing in popularity is Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD). AVD is an incredibly powerful and useful tool that more and more businesses are opting to use instead of on premises hosting. AT SMS, we are proud to have Azure experts on our team and so our Azure webinar shares their knowledge and expertise with you, our customers, giving you everything you need to know about this fabulous invention. Tune in and learn more here:


These were just a few select webinars to get you started if you did want to take a look at our YouTube channel. All of our webinars are free of charge to attend, and of course free of charge to watch back at a later date also. We’ve built up quite a collection and think SMS TV is a fantastic resource for information and guidance for cloud products, services and more. The link to our channel is here:

We hope you enjoy 😁🎬