Check out our comprehensive infographic on how to create strong, secure passwords within your business. This guide will provide you with essential tips and best practices to protect your company’s sensitive information and ensure robust cybersecurity.

Strong Password Educational Infographic

How to Create a Strong Password: Tips and Best Practices for Ultimate Security

In today’s digital age, our lives are intertwined with the internet. Whether it’s online shopping, social media, or professional communication, we rely on various platforms that require us to create passwords. Yet, with the increasing sophistication of cyber threats, having a strong password is more crucial than ever. In this blog, we will delve into practical and insightful tips on how to create robust passwords that can effectively safeguard your digital presence.

Why Strong Passwords Matter

A weak password is akin to leaving your front door unlocked; it makes you an easy target for cybercriminals. The consequences of having a compromised password can range from unauthorised access to your accounts to identity theft and significant financial loss. Therefore, investing time in creating and managing strong passwords is a foundational step in protecting your digital life.

Characteristics of a Strong Password

Creating a strong password isn’t rocket science, but it does require some thoughtful consideration. Here are the key characteristics of a strong password:

  1. Length: Aim for at least 12-16 characters. Longer passwords are exponentially harder to crack.
  1. Complexity: Use a mix of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters (e.g., @, #, $, %).
  1. Unpredictability: Avoid easily guessable information such as names, birthdays, or common words.
  2. Uniqueness: Every account should have its own unique password to minimise the risk in case one password is compromised.

Tips for Creating Strong Passwords

Use a Passphrase

One effective method is to create a passphrase made up of random words, numbers, and special characters. For example, “Sunflower@29Green$Apple!” is much harder to crack than a simple word like “password123”. Passphrases are easier to remember yet incredibly secure.

Incorporate Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

While not a password itself, MFA adds an additional layer of security. Even if someone gets hold of your password, they would still need the second factor (like a fingerprint or a code sent to your phone) to gain access.

Avoid Common Pitfalls

  • Don’t reuse passwords: Use unique passwords for different accounts.
  • Steer clear of obvious choices: Avoid common passwords like “password”, “123456”, or “qwerty”.
  • Regularly update your passwords: Change your passwords periodically, especially those for sensitive accounts.

Be Mindful of Social Engineering

Even the strongest passwords can be compromised through social engineering tactics like phishing. Always be cautious of unsolicited communications asking for personal information and never share your passwords.

Test Your Password Strength

Use online tools like “How Secure Is My Password?” to test the strength of your password. While these tools can give you a good idea of how long it would take to crack your password, always use them judiciously and prefer well-known and trustworthy services.


In summary, creating a strong password is your first line of defense against cyber threats. By following the tips outlined in this blog, you can significantly enhance your password security and reduce the risk of unauthorised access to your accounts.

Remember, your digital security is only as strong as your weakest password. Take action today by reviewing and updating your passwords to meet the highest security standards. Investing time in creating and managing strong passwords will pay off in the long run, providing you with peace of mind in an increasingly digital world.

Stay safe and secure!

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